WELCOME TO Damn Della Connections !

Hey Superstars!

If you're anything like me, you're already wondering why the extra wording. Let me tell you what's been taking so long to get to work.

It is nothing new that DDC is NEW to "the business" side of things but we are also TRUE to the BUSINESS side of things! First we have to familiarize the city with who we are, what we do and how it is done. Lucky YOU! You are our founding talent so you get to experience CHANGING the way performers are being booked. With any change comes a bit of adjusting energy which is unfortunately accompanied by time. I thank you for your patience and I can feel that we are closer to a super LET'S GO place!

I don't know about you all- but I am BEYOND excited to clean up & make room for more NEW & BETTER FITTING moments!

As we launch, it is important to know I am a DANCER/ARTIST/PERFORMER just like you! Which means I usually already know what you're thinking/feeling. So do your connections agents! So much so I grew tired of freaking waiting and wanted to start something that will hopefully pioneer our city to pay for our freaking services. Around the city I am aiming to spark understanding of what an agency actually is and how to inquire about all of our supportive functions


After all, This is how recreational dancers become PROFESSIONALS! The difference could be only a few experiences & paychecks to catapult YOU in the professional realm.

Boom! Then business will be boomin! (& i can quit working w/ @boombod LOL jk)

A loose end....

WHY have Auditions so soon if there weren't many clients or if we couldn't start working ASAP Rocky? There are tons of clients! They don't recognize Dellz as an AGENT just yet, or you as agency talent YET Because clients need performers to shop! When they approach me with interest, the connections agents and I will present our talent options (brag brag brag about how amazing you are and they would BE CRAZY not to book you) and then begin to negotiate rates.

From there, there might be a private audition or closed audition if requested by client, an availability check or a direct booking. All of which will be discussed in further detail during upcoming agency orientation. The terms will all be available for reference in your DAMN GLOSSARY.

I am creating that now :)

SO WHAT'S NEXT! (About time lady 😩😂Seeeeee- I always know what you're thinking)

Here is WHAT's NEXT!

While I

continue to seek and gather information to familiarize myself with state guidelines, compliances, appropriate permits etc.

I ask that you all

brainstorm & gather your goals/other services that may be an asset to our agency/questions/concerns for your upcoming welcome CONSULTATION.

Individual Welcome Consults will be held APRIL 21-24th.

Each of you will privately consult with myself or the connections agent assigned to you or requested by you. This way we get to know who you are vs who you want to be and where you want this to take you so we can help hold the wheel! We saw you move, now we want to hear you speak:) Scary Sh*t lolllllll

Here are some things to brainstorm about. Each consult will be about 20min. You will fill out a consult form and a few other forms/docs for our records, and after that you have access to consults galore. The more we stay connected the easier it is for us to get you work.

Things to think about....

  1. Your Image

  2. Credentials

  3. Professional Goals

  4. All Your Amazing Skills & Outside Services

  5. If You'd Like to Join Exclusive Agency Only Classes

  6. Any/All questions you may have

hold on to those thoughts until your scheduled appt

AGENCY ORIENTATION will follow. You will all leave orientation knowing exactly what is expected of you and how we will take the city by storm!

Agency Orientation date TBA

In closing, now that we are CONNECTING...

it is MOST IMPORTANT to please always remember...

We all REPRESENT each other!

My name is LITERALLY attached to how you move (pun Intended;) & vice versa.

Not to scare you but I've already been contacted by more than 5 outside sources kind of "telling" on a few of you and expressing that your behavior is less than up to agency par!

So basically,

WE JUST BECAME BEST FRIENDS!!! Another reason we take our time:)

So, besties while I look harder to find an investor and an operational office building we will behave as a PRE-AGENCY PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM. This program will operate the same exact way we would normally except we send & sign INFORMAL contracts drawn up by Damn Della Connections on a project to project basis so no-one gets sued. All of which you will get to see & understand at AGENCY ORIENTATION. I am just trying my best to do some ground work to protect each one of our superstars and the agency at large!

I'm almost done! lol

The goal is to get you OUT THERE PERFORMING! I want you to get paid! Again, If you're anything like Dellz, and want to touch the performances waters anyway on a non paid gig please let me or your agent know in your scheduled consult if you are interested/available for non-paid projects. I will be casting for an amazing opportunity in my class during THE DETROIT HEELS INTENSIVE.

We have plenty! More than one may work for you!


I hope to see any agency dancers interested in a free performance with agency artist/judge NEISHA NESHAE at the DETROIT HEELS INTENSIVE 4/17. I will be casting from class in the same room DDC auditions were held. She is opening up for Lightskin Keisha!!

FYI (The project is unpaid because she is not being paid/and she is an agency artist)

A Project Notice will or has already been sent!

DONE!!! In confirmation of receiving & reviewing this blog please respond by emailing

  1. You're availabilty 4/21-4/24 for consult

  2. If you'd prefer an in-person or zoom private consultation

to Damndellaconnections@gmail.com

Thank you for your talent & patience:)


Love You, Mean It,


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