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DamnDella Connections (DDC) is a full service boutique talent agency that connects, develops & catapolts creative talents, influencers and educators into all areas of entertainment! DDC has a staff of respected agents interested & available to provide services on camera and off.

Damn Della Connections existing clients mostly range in age from 16 years old to 40+ years young! Our clients range in experience from pre-professionals in creative development to seasoned industry veterans in the arts of dance, choreography, music and industry education in both

Detroit & Los Angeles. 

Connectedly, we cover ALL areas of performing arts! Prior to launch, our work has been heavily featured in major world tours, cruise ships, professional sports, feature film, episodic and commercial television, live performances, industrials, music videos, and print!

Damn Della Connections dancers embody performance dynamics & STAND OUT STAR POWER! They are amazing individually, yet a combined force on a mission to feed a connected craft unlike any other! We consider our dancers extreme athletes to say the least. Their discipline, dedication to the arts and total mind body connection can not be matched!

DDC choreographers represent classic and current trends in both style and grace. They creatively strive to shape movement that embeds solid foundation but also evolves with the times.

Most of the in-house and guest educators/choreographers we will work closely with are influencers respected & requested domestically and internationally for virtual classes, on site master classes, music videos, fashion shows, short films, world tours, print, major projects or to instruct private parties at various schools, universities, clubs, personal engagements & more!


TO CONNECT THE CITY! We want to help empower pre professionals by providing quality education, training, pre-industry mentoring & adventures as an advocate in support of their interests in the entertainment industry and to establish ourselves as a trusted resource to connect creative artists specializing modeling, dance, choreography and other performance arts. Our biggest goal is to act as an agent in generating opportunities to navigate creatives to their highest potential via professional placements. 

The genesis of DDC is to create a camp of “bad a**” agents that have already conquered to join our talent’s journey and actively follow and add to the evolution of their careers. 

Our formula for success revolves around the core values of outstanding individual relationships, solid communication/connections and the elevation of the Metro Detroit Community at large! As the careers of our clients evolve so will our roster!